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18th Jan 2018 - Volunteering – there is no better feeling than this

Nerys (not her real name) has volunteered with vulnerable adults in Anglesey, including those who are homeless and suffering mental illness. The experience may be demanding but the rewards are great. This is how she tells it:

'During my time volunteering at the Lighthouse Day Centre in Holyhead I have been able to help vulnerable people by giving advice, support and being someone to talk to about problems when they've felt most alone. I have gained many skills and experience in the care industry that I believe this will be very beneficial in the future when I start my studies, Adult Nursing in University.'

'I have worked with many aspects of care over the past 6 months including physical care, mental health and homelessness. Some skills I have developed are my communication, ICT, team work and organization skills. Some simple tasks I have carried out during my voluntary work is providing the homeless and service users with food and drink cooked by myself, also assisting the homeless with paper work in order to gain help from other services and improve their quality of health overall. Lastly making sure the facilities are in working order, being the shower room, computers and laundry machines.'

'I have had the chance to work with a great team of staff, volunteers and other services and also been on a few courses that I have learnt a lot and gained some qualifications. Overall the experience of being a volunteer has been great and I would recommend it to anyone else that wants to contribute to the community and do their part to help. There is no better feeling than this and that is one of the main reasons why I love it.'

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