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21st Jan 2013 - Do you have an unfulfilled wish list? – Interns Available

If you have a project or short term piece of work which you would like completed if only you had the time or the available skilled resource, the Explore Internship Programme may be able to help you.

The WCVA Explore Internship Programme works with organisations to offer short term structured placements to volunteers with specialist knowledge or skills such as  Marketing, Media, Design,  IT, Sales, Business planning. Interns can be of all ages and come from all walks of life, the only criteria being they have the requested knowledge or skills. They may be seeking a career change and would like to test their skills in an alternative environment or just want to gain some valuable work experience.  At the moment the majority of our Interns are graduates and under graduates.

The feedback from Internships so far has been positive, highlighting the benefits as ‘Innovative ideas, new insights, hard working, reliable, competent  and enthusiastic interns’  The legacy of the intern is not only  the project they  deliver, but also the skills and knowledge they pass onto your permanent staff and other volunteers

The possibilities are endless, driven by whatever is sitting on your ‘wish list’ and the creativity of your organisation. The placements are generally 1-3 days per week for 2-3 months, intended to run alongside job seeking or studies and provide something relevant which will complement existing knowledge and skills on the CV. The only direct cost to your organisation is the cost of travel expenses

If you would like to know more please contact Catherine Stephens-Ward, Internship Programme Co-ordinator. 02920 436594


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